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Sparkling is available in selected Alkos and Alko’s online store.

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Alko Naantali, Tuulensuunkatu 12, 21100 NAANTALI

Alko Tampere Stockmann, Hämeenkatu 4, 33100 TAMPERE

Alko Tampere Lielahti Citymarket, Harjuntausta 7, 33400 TAMPERE

Alko Helsinki keskusta Stockmann, Aleksanterinkatu 52.b, 00100 HELSINKI

Alko Helsinki keskusta Arkadia, Salomonkatu 1, 00100 HELSINKI

Alko Espoo Leppävaara Sello, Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 ESPOO

Alko Hämeenlinna Tiiriö, Katsastusmiehentie 6, 13130 HÄMEENLINNA

Alko Turku Kupittaa, Uudenmaantie 17, 20700 TURKU

Alko Turku keskusta Stockmann, Yliopistonkatu 22, 20100 TURKU

Alko Turku keskusta Kauppahalli, Eerikinkatu 16 H, 20100 TURKU

You can use Alko’s store stock checker to check the availability of the Sparkling at a store. Check now!



HSS PAVILJONG is a restaurant located in Liuskasaari, right in front of the Kaivopuisto. The food is tasty and simple and mostly seafood. HSS PAVILJONG has an amazing view of the beautiful Helsinki seaside from the terrace. www.hsspaviljong.fi


Restaurant Uusi Kilta is a combination of new and old. It´s located in the heart of the Naantali and you can enjoy the ocean view while you eat. www.uusikilta.fi

Herrankukkaro, or “Mama´s pocket”, is in the heart of the archipelago. It is a distinctive conference and recreational center built around a fisherman’s homestead. Available only for bookings by groups and companies, Herrankukkaro is a must-see, unforgettable year-round destination. www.herrankukkaro.fi

Restaurant Trappi is traditional restaurant with a remarkable history. It´s located in the heart of the Naantali, right by the ocean. www.visitnaantali.fi/ravintolatrappi/


Roster is a meeting place, a restaurant and a cocktail bar at Maaherra Makasiini near the Tuomiokirkko. Roster is focused on high quality food made from the best of ingredients. www.rosterturku.com

Turun Pursiseura’s restaurant have an amazing location in Ruissalo, among the oak trees. For many years it has served top quality food during the summer season. www.turunpursiseuranravintola.fi

Restaurant Suomalainen Pohja is located in the center of Turku. Even though it´s a club restaurant, It´s open for everyone. Suomalainen Pohja is well known for traditional Finnish food. www.suomalainenpohja.com


Röölä boutique
Opening hours: Currently out of stock. But there is more Eeva Ice Wine on the way! Stay tuned.