Our ciders are ment to be enjoyd in different ways. Having good time with friends or the perfect refreshment for the warm summer days. In all occasions, you can be sure our ciders serve the real stuff.

Kuura Kuiva & Kuura Rosé

Kuura Kuiva

Dry, yellow, fresh, acidic real cider.
100% Finnish apples, no concentrates.

Kuura Rosé

Medium dry, light red, raspberry, berryish. 98% Finnish apples, 2% Finnish raspberries and wild blueberries


Saariston omena & Makea omena

Saariston omena

Dry, pale yellow, acidic, ripe apple notes, citrus notes, herbal notes, hint of stable. 100% Finnish product.

Makea omena

Medium sweet, pale yellow, acidic, ripe apple notes, citrus notes. 100% Finnish product.


Kuura Saideri 2019

Kuura Saideri

Dry, pale yellow, acidic, apple notes, cloudy. Made in collaboration with Omenasieppari. 100% Finnish apples directly from backyards.


Matti ja Teppo


Matti is a dry and fresh cider, with hints of agrumes that will trigger your palate, soliciting a beautiful balance between the acidy and residual sweetness of our finest apples, making it an ideal thirst quencher.


Teppo is a mellow and fruity cider, with hints of rhubarb and red fruits. It is gentle on the palate and its ruby shine makes it an eye catcher in the sun, quenching your thirst with every sip.