Ice Wines

Apple Ice Wines

Ice wines make the final touch to the meal and are suitable for enjoyment. The secret is in the strong flavours of the northern apple varieties. Cold Nordic winter freezes the juice which eventually thaws and gives extra rich, concentrated juice. Long, slow fermentation in steel tanks transforms the juice into apple ice wine. The final, exquisite aromas of the apple ice wines are created by the oak cask maturation. The rich, sinfully pleasant apple ice wines are sold in elegant glass bottles.

Eeva Range

Eeva C.

Eeva C. is an intensely mineral Ice Wine made from our northerly apples. With its lustrous amber colour, rounded out by an amazingly smooth and silky finish as a result of its Gognac cask maturation.

Eeva M.

Eeva M. is an intensively mineral ice wine made from our northerly apples with its lustrous golden colour, rounded out by an amazing fruity nose and a spicy finish as a result of its cask maturation.

CiderWorld 2018 Award Certificate


Kuura Ice 2018

Sweet, acidic, rich cinnamon-apple notes, light apricot notes, fresh citrus marmalade notes. 100% Finnish apples, no concentrates.

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Kuura Ice Prestige 2016

Sweet, acidic, rich. Kuura Ice Prestige is a special batch – only sold in Design Hill.

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